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Sprungkissen SP 16 / SP 25
Safety cushions SP 16 / SP 25
  • Rescue from up to 8 floors
  • Fast setup
  • Easy to carry, even when set up
  • Psychologically optimised

We will be happy to provide you with the test certificates according to DIN 14151-3.

Safety cushion for rescue operations

Rescue in a flash from up to 25 metres height

Vetter safety cushions* are immediately on hand in an emergency: for example, when there is restricted space at the point of rescue or in case of building fronts which are inaccessible to aerial ladders. With the Vetter rescue cushion, you are always optimally equipped, even in difficult situations. Set up quickly and easily transported when assembled, you don’t need to work up a sweat with the Vetter safety cushions SP 16 and SP 25, even for rescues taking place at the rear of buildings or in courtyards. Our safety cushions are also a safe solution for the rescue of trapped rescue teams.

Neon yellow side walls make our safety cushion highly visible at night, in unfavourable weather conditions or when visibility is poor. We have also optimised the landing area in collaboration with Professor Horst Schuh, a highly experienced certified psychologist. In contrast to other popular, currently available life nets, there is a large marked landing area on the SP 16 and SP 25 safety cushions. It has been proven that the paralyzing fear of jumping is reduced by the “blue circle” in the centre of the safety cushion.

Our safety cushions have all been approved by an independent institute in Berlin according to DIN 14151-3. This standard stipulates intensive testing with numerous drop tests, different falling weights and drop positions. Particular importance is placed on a special type of crash test which measures the impact deceleration. Here, a dummy is dropped above the safety cushion to ensure that the jumping person does not hit the surface too hard, penetrates through to the ground or bounces back from out of the safety cushion. This and many other tests ensure the safety and protection of the person jumping and the rescue teams on site.

In short: Only with a certified safety cushion, you protect a jumping person and your rescue team optimally from avoidable injuries.

* These safety cushions are not intended for sale in the USA.

Version Blue circle

Safety cushion SP 16 (16 metres / 51.2 ft.) 1530018101
Safety cushion SP 25 (25 metres / 80 ft.)    1530018601

The psychologically optimised landing area with the blue circle design was developed in cooperation with experienced psychologists. The neon-yellow side walls enhance the visibility of the safety cushion at night and in bad weather.

All safety cushion sets include repair material for base and side walls and are delivered in a sturdy packing cover.

Version Black cross

Safety cushion SP 16 (16 metres / 51.2 ft.) 1530015501
Safety cushion SP 25 (25 metres / 80 ft.)    1530018801

Basic design with black cross landing area and neon-yellow side walls. The neon-yellow side walls enhance the visibility of the safety cushion at night and in bad weather.

All safety cushion sets include repair material for base and side walls and are delivered in a sturdy packing cover.

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  image_small_2 image_small_2 image_small_2  
  SP 16 & SP 25 with optimized coat   
  Technical data  

All safety cushions can be used in a temperature range
from - 20 to + 50 °C (- 4 to + 122 °F).

Safety cushion SP 16:

  • Working pressure: 0.37 bar (5.4 psi)
  • Test pressure: 0.48 bar (7.0 psi)

Safety cushion SP 25:

  • Working pressure: 0.48 bar (7.0 psi)
  • Test pressure: 0.62 bar (9.0 psi)
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metrical imperial 
(L x W x H)

cm inch
Air requirement, at
0.3 bar (4.35 psi) /0.5 bar (7.25 psi)

litres cu.ft.
Inflating time, approx.
sec sec
Recovery time
sec sec
Folded size
(L x W x H)

cm inch
Weight incl.
compressed air cylinder

kg lbs
SP 16 350 x 350 x 170 138 x 138 x 67 1 374 48.5 30 30 10 10 87 x 52 x 44 34 x 21 x 17 55 121
SP 25 460 x 460 x 240 181 x 181 x 94 2 006 70.8 60 60 20 20 110 x 63 x 45 43 x 25 x 18 80.5 177.5
  Combination possibilities  
metrical imperial 
  Lifting height, max.
cm inch

In operation...

  • Fires in buildings with up to
  • 8 floors / 25 m (80 ft.) (SP 25)
  • Safeguarding for high-angle rescue
  • Areas inaccessible to aerial ladder trucks

Good reasons:

  • Only 2 or 4 persons needed for setup
  • Outer cover of flame-resistant, tear-proof material
  • SP 16 approved according to DIN 14151 T1 and T3
  • SP 25 tested based on DIN 14151 T1 and T3

Guaranteed quality:

  • Individually tested with falling weights
  • Dated inspection seal
  • Integrated safety valve
  • 2-year guarantee
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