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Vetter products are standard equipment worldwide for fast and safe rescue from rubble or collapsed buildings.

The challenge:

  • many injured persons
  • different loads to be shifted
  • various openings and support points for rescue tools
  • complicated injuries and difficult rescue situations

With years of experience and after extensive consultation with rescuers all over the world, we have developed products that provide the support you need in every situation where heavy loads need to be moved safely and to free people.

Nuclear accident

In a situation with fallout, rescuers have to keep cool under the most extreme conditions, and make the right decisions quickly. Dependable, tested and well-designed equipment is indispensable.

The challenge:

  • fast reaction
  • many people contaminated (general population and rescuers)
  • contaminated waste water after decontamination

Vetter offers important rescue products from a single source. If worse comes to worst, they help contain and control the resulting damage.

Environmental disaster

Whenver an accident results in the release of environmentally hazardous substances, reliable and time-tested rescue products from Vetter are always on your side.

The challenge:

  • leaking containers such as tanks and barrels
  • many different leaks at once
  • people and property contaminated
  • large quantities of contaminated liquids

With our extensive HazMat products you seal leaks and gullies, decontaminate people and secure contaminants.

High-rise fire

When high-rises burn, fire brigades worldwide face the challenge of having to rescue people from the inferno at great heights. Vetter is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer a safety cushion, the SP 60, for rescues at heights of up to 60 metres, tested based on DIN 14151.

The challenge:

  • large cities with very high buildings
  • rescuing many people as quickly as possible
  • use of turntable ladders often impossible
  • blocked access routes and cramped courtyards
Building collapse

In collapsed buildings, Vetter rescue tools provide safety and stability for rescuers - and fast access to trapped people.

The challenge:

  • unstable structures in danger of collapse
  • high risks for rescuers
  • people trapped under very heavy loads
  • various openings and support points for rescue tools
  • accommodation of the injured

With its high-performance lifting bags, Airshore strut systems, and tents for temporary shelter, Vetter has put its years of rescue experience to work developing sophisticated products for you.

Heavy-duty vehicle accident

Accidents with large and heavy vehicles such as lorries, busses, trains or even airplanes demand fast and coordinated action to safely rescue lives and prevent secondary damage.

The challenge:

  • many vehicles at the accident site
  • operations at several places simultaneously
  • rescue complicated by different injuries and situations
  • different loads and requirements

With the wide variety of rescue-tested products offered by Vetter, you have the right combination for optimum performance in every accident scenario.

Major event

At big events such as concerts, festivals, parades, church congresses or sporting events, fire brigades and emergency medical services are responsible for protecting the health of large numbers of people. They need space for control centres and relaxation areas and for treatment of minor and major injuries.

The challenge:

  • many people in a limited space
  • in an emergency, many injured persons requiring treatment
  • equipment and staff must be stored and protected
Chemical accident

Leaked chemicals - whether gas, solid or liquid - are frequently dangerous to both people and nature. Over decades, Vetter has developed intelligent and especially durable products to help you seal leaks and safely drain and store chemicals.

The challenge:

  • rapid response is a must to prevent hazardous materials from spreading
  • many people contaminated
  • stopping hazardous materials
  • contaminated waste water after decontamination

Rely on the largest comprehensive range of rescue tools and solutions for sealing leaks - even for the most extreme scenarios.


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