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Vetter docking tent in use internationally

The pneumatic docking tents out of the MT line from Vetter has proven itself several times in international service: In 2010 and 2011, it was the central working tent for the week-long NATO exercises in Moldova and Armenia.

At the two-day IEC exercise in 2010, it accommodated the UN's international command post. Used by the Technical Assistance Support Team (TAST), the Support Unit Austria, it withstood all weather conditions and ground properties and made a good impression with its practical versatility.

Ready for use in seconds

In all of the exercises, the personnel were especially impressed by the fast set-up time of only five minutes, without the need for heavy poles. Only two people were needed to set up a functional unit in a very short time. The equipment could be stowed quickly and the first machines brought into operation in short order.

In the UN exercise, the fast set-up paid off especially well as it immediately provided staff and IT equipment needed protection from pouring rain.

A tent for many applications

Four entry awnings - four possible entrances - provide flexibility for a wide range of uses.

Additional tents can be docked, such as a tent for sleeping quarters in the NATO exercises in 2010 and 2011. The docking tent can be used as a modular starting point for entire tent cities.

The netting in the ceiling area proved to be perfect for stowing the computer cabling or attaching lighting equipment. It was also very useful for drying clothing, and provided plenty of space for that purpose.


During the exercises in Armenia and Moldova, the tent was used for a variety of purposes: utility room, equipment room, relaxation area, storage and as a kitchen for the staff.

A colour that gets noticed

The multifunctional tent was also impressive from the outside. During the exercises, not only did the tent's size and shape get attention, its yellow colour made it stick out among the green NATO tents. It was recognisable at a distance and many participants used it as a reference point to help with their orientation in the compound.


Wind- and weather-resistant

Heavy storms in Armenia and large day-night temperature differences in Moldova placed heavy demands on the tent during the NATO operations. After it had been braced and anchored, it withstood the adverse weather conditions brilliantly.

Future service

Arthur Weber from the civil defence agency (Landeswarnzentrale) in Vorarlberg (Austria), team leader of the Support Unit Austria  and EU expert for co-ordination and assessment, will use the docking tent again for the next planned NATO exercise in 2012 in Belarus.

In Vorarlberg, the local fire brigade works with it when responding to floods, storms and avalanches - a true all-rounder.

With our international experience, we will be happy to advise you in the selection of your equipment for all operations at home and abroad.


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