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S.Tec lifting bags – the next-generation high-pressure lifting bags

If you arrive at the scene to find people trapped under trees, vehicles or the rubble of collapsed buildings, fast action with strong rescue equipment is a must. Vetter now equips you with even more power and increased ease of use.

The right way to apply pressure

Vetter's engineers have done a lot of research to make it possible to raise the pressure from 8 to 10 bar. With this innovation, the lifting bag delivers a 25% increase in lifting power compared with conventional 8-bar lifting bags. The simple formula force = area x pressure, combined with controlled pressure distribution inside the bag, makes it possible to lift heavier loads with the same bag size.


To ensure that the bag can withstand the higher pressure, we use special material designed for a pressure of 10 bar. It is even sturdier and can easily withstand the high stresses at the accident site.

Strong in emergencies

Since Vetter knows that you know your needs best, we optimised the surface design based on the results of a customer survey: Reflective markings on the centre and corners improve handling even in situations with difficult or insufficient lighting, so you can position the bag more easily without extra tools. And thanks to its low insertion height and low weight, the S.Tec lifting bag can be positioned quickly by a single rescuer.



Ideally equipped with Vetter

Vetter took the latest technology into account during the development of the S.Tec bags, so they are the latest thing in lifting bags on the market now. Rescuers should certainly upgrade to the most innovative rescue technology to replace the old 8-bar line.

We would be pleased to support you in the switch from 8 to 10 bar so you can enjoy the benefits of the latest technology.


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