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Safety cushion provides backup during rescue from facade-cleaning gondola

Our biggest safety cushion, the SP 60, played an important role in a rescue operation in the German city of Düsseldorf on October 12th, 2013. It safeguarded the rescuers who recovered two workers from a tipped facade-cleaning gondola.

On that Saturday, a high-rise in Düsseldorf's "Kö-Bogen" development was the scene of a spectacular rescue operation. A facade-cleaning gondola had come loose and was stopped by its emergency braking system at a height of 20 metres.

It came to rest at a tilt so the workers were unable to exit. Two rescuers trained in rope rescue techniques abseiled down to the gondola from the 94-metre roof.

To back up the operation, the fire brigade set up a Vetter SP 60 safety cushion, which can cushion falls from heights of up to 60 meters. Learn more about this globally unique safety cushion.


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