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Perfect protection for the rescuers too!

PRCD-S safety switch

During fire department missions, normally only the equipment available in the emergency vehicles is put to use. That includes the energy supply. So the required power is generated by their own generators. That is why our MPS 2.0 is equipped with an integrated PRCD-K safety switch to optimally protect the task force.

Because of the deployment situation, sometimes in exceptional cases a power supply is required for another feed point. It is also possible that an electrical device at the deployment site is being plugged into the building wiring. In such a case, according to GUV-V C53, the device connection can only be made through a safety switch, in this case a PRCD-S.


Differential current protection device Differential current protection device
Undervoltage trip Undervoltage trip
  Earth conductor detection
  Earth conductor monitor
  External voltage detection


The reason for the different equipment:
Power generators don't have an earth line.

  • So if you plug the PRCD-K into the building wiring, it does not protect from faults in the earth line. That could lead to secondary accidents under certain circumstances.
  • Conversely, you cannot switch-on the PRCD-S on the unit because it identifies the lack of an earth line as a fault.

To eliminate this problem, a PRCD-S safety switch can be plugged in before a PRCD-K safety switch. That also perfectly protects the task force when tapping current from the building wiring!

That is why starting immediately, Vetter is now offering a separate PRCD-S safety switch. It is equipped with an IP 68 two-pin grounded coupling and a 1.5 m cable before and after the PRCD-S switchgear. So depending on the deployment situation, you can use the power from the building wiring safely without any hesitation or great efforts, without endangering your deployment personnel!

Attention: The I-ON button on the PRCD S is to be operated with bare hands.
Do not use gloves or other insulating objects.
When improper turning on the PRCD S possibly present external voltage is not detected reliably on the protective conductor. 



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