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X-TREME Leak sealing paste

NEW: X-TREME Leak sealing paste

Leaking chemicals pose a serious danger to people and the environment.  
Vetter leak sealing pastes are ideal when immediate action is needed to seal leaks. For the smallest valve connectors and flanges or for receptacles such as tanks, barrels and containers, Vetter leak sealing pastes seal leaks quickly and easily. You avoid further leakage and win valuable time for proper disposal or removal of hazardous materials by specialists.


NEW: X-TREME Leak sealing paste

Special product for immediate sealing of leaks involving heating oil, diesel and other oil-based substances. This paste is ideal for leaks in vehicle or storage tanks caused by accidents or material fatigue.  
Stands out with especially high stability and strong adhesion on nearly all oily container surfaces.

Leck-Dichtpaste X-TREME       Leck-dichtpaste X-Treme Satz



Leak sealing paste in a new design

All-round product for immediate sealing of liquid chemical leaks. This paste is ideal for quick and easy elimination of leaks even in hard-to-access places.


Leck-Dichtpaste neuLeck-Dichtpaste Satz




For further information about VETTER Leak sealing pastes please click here.


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