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Emergency Pneumatics

life and death can be a matter of seconds in our business. Rescuers need the right equipment to make the necessary and correct decisions: such as aerial ladder trucks and safety cushions in case of fires. At Vetter, we have three safety cushion models, each enabling lives to be saved from buildings up to 20 storeys high. With a fast setup, they are easy to carry – even when assembled – and have been psychologically optimised. Learn all there is to know about rescuing people from elevated locations using our safety cushions, in the first issue of the Emergency Pneumatics magazine series.

Our free magazine gives you the low-down on safety cushions. Read and understand how our safety cushions work, and how they are used by rescuers worldwide to save lives quickly and effectively. Our new magazine also contains a practical guide on how best to encourage people to jump. Leave nothing to chance – read our new Emergency Pneumatics magazine now.


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