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Vetter tents custom tailored.

Vetter is the world's leading manufacturer of emergency pneumatics. But not all countries are the same, and the individual requirements of the different rescue teams in each country are even less so. That's why Vetter offers custom-made tents.
Argos Fire is one of many dealers that has ordered this special service.

Loyal dealer

For 15 years, Tony Corcoran, owner of ARGOS FIRE Ireland in Cork, has been selling Vetter rescue products with his daughter Karen.
For the special requirements of the Limerick civil defence squad, he recently ordered two orange MT 30 medical tents with custom printing and no windows.


3 Minutes

The tents are ready for action in 3 minutes, with only two men and little space needed for setup thanks to a self-erecting support frame that can be inflated with a blower or compressed-air bottles. To convince yet more customers of the advantages of the new medical tents, he also had a special demo tent made, which he and his daughter use for training sessions throughout Ireland.

Absolute benefits

The great care Vetter puts into the handcrafted production of its tents ensures the highest quality in service. In contrast to conventional pole tents, pneumatic tents are very easy to work with, so a protected space for colleagues or injured persons can be set up very quickly. And pneumatic tents also provide reliable service as crew or mess tents during extended deployments.

Customised emergency tents

Experienced advisers from Vetter support both dealers and rescue teams with the design and planning of customised tents and entire tent cities.The goal is always to provide the best and most flexible support for the deployment of all teams.



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