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Vetter safety cushion saves a young man’s life.

When despair is greater than the will to live, both psychologists and rescuers are often helpless. The latter can only try to counter the hopelessness with a double floor.

No way out

In the city of Antalya, a young man had climbed to the roof of an abandoned building and was ready to throw himself from the heights. The rescuers had been informed and quickly set up and positioned a Vetter safety cushion in front of the building. While they did that, specially trained psychologists tried to establish a rapport with the young man and lure him away from the precipice. But even after considerable efforts to talk him out of it, the man could not be convinced to change his plans.

Safe landing

In the end, he jumped from the multistorey building and landed on the Vetter safety cushion. The impact was cushioned and his life was saved. Just seconds after landing, he got up on his own, almost completely uninjured.
You can see a video report from the Turkish TV broadcaster Hürriyet here:

Flexible applications

Rescuers are confronted with different scenarios at their rescue sites on a daily basis. Whether it's cases like this or rescues from burning houses or similar operations, dependable rescue equipment must be able to take a lot of punishment.

That's why Vetter safety cushions are continually refined to offer the victims a safe way out in as many situations as possible.


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