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50 Years Vetter

50 years emergency pneumatics - 50 years Vetter

Vetter GmbH has been making rescue history for half a century. What began as a wholesaler for fire brigades and civil protection has now developed into the world's leading manufacturer of emergency and industrial pneumatics. Right from the start, decisive for the success story was the close cooperation with emergency services and users all over the world.

How it all began

Founded as a dealer in 1964, Vetter GmbH gained more and more rescue experience. Soon after that it started producing its own products with oil and water aspirators along with lift, pipe and test sealing bags. The Vetter products have been being exported worldwide since 1972. 

After expansion in Germany and the USA in the late 70's, the company was merged into Manfred Vetter GmbH & Comp. in 1995. In 2004 the company was acquired by IDEX Corporation and renamed Vetter GmbH.

And after the turn of the millennium, there were further changes: The first decontamination tents and safety cushions were added to the range, a mobile inspection service as well as a training academy were called to life and to this day more product milestones, such as S.Tec Mini Lifting Bags 10 bar, safety cushions and medical tents have been developed and distributed.

Practical experience that is added value

All products in today's three divisions: Emergency Pneumatics, Industrial Pneumatics and Aircraft Recovery/Tents are being permanently developed and constantly subjected to thorough testing. The specialists continuously adapt their products to the possible requirements in constant close contact with local partners where they are being deployed onsite.

Guaranteed quality

Every Vetter GmbH product meets the statutory standards and safety requirements. Products that do not fall under any standard are still designed and tested based on existing norms to achieve high product standards. In complex processes, each piece of rescue equipment is checked before it goes on sale: from the documentation of visual and functional checks of all individual components to stress testing of materials and items. Only after passing the test does the product get the Vetter seal of approval. Subsequently, the production order of each product is archived with the corresponding serial number and checklist for tracking purposes. Moreover, among other things all standard Vetter lifting bags are TÜV certified.

After all, "Safety first!" begins with reliable equipment.



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