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NEW: X-TREME Leak sealing paste


Leaking chemicals pose a serious danger to people and the environment. Vetter leak sealing pastes are ideal when immediate action is needed to seal leaks. For the smallest valve connectors and flanges or...  more


Safety cushion provides backup during rescue from facade-cleaning gondola

Item picture

Our biggest safety cushion, the SP 60, played an important role in a rescue operation in the German city of Düsseldorf on October 12th, 2013.  more


Introducing the Mini-Permanent-Aspirator 2.0 MWF

Mini Permanent Aspirator 2.0

To avoid damage from flooding of all kinds, you need to have a tool for fast, effective vacuuming and pumping at hand. So it’s good to know you always have the rugged MPS 2.0 MWF Mini Permanent Aspirator 2.0...  more


Rescue paths - Providing sure footing on all surfaces

Item picture

Always retain sure footing - even on unstable ground! With Vetter rescue paths, your team can walk safely across stretches of water, ice, moorland and bog.  more


Hot off the press: New rescue catalogue from Vetter!

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With our rescue experience, we have continued to refine our products and portfolio over the years. Now it’s even easier to find out all about what can make you unbeatable at work and to discover the new...  more

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