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Burst pipes

When sewer pipes break, a fast response is imperative to prevent wastewater seepage from contaminating groundwater. Thanks to their large flow openings, with Vetter's rugged bypass bags you can securely seal damaged pipes and divert the wastewater to an intact pipe as quickly as possible.

The challenge:

  • Wide range of pipe sizes and materials
  • Avoiding groundwater contamination by wastewater
  • Foreign matter from collapsed surfaces in pipe
  • Backups caused by the seal
Domestic piping inspection

For efficient and effective piping systems in buildings, leak testing with flexible test equipment is a must for both newly installed and repaired piping.

The challenge:

  • Reliable sealing of openings into the piping to be examined
  • Difficulties positioning seals in front of openings
  • Inserting pipe sealing bags through bends in pipes or blockages by foreign material

With the domestic piping test system, you have an indispensable and complete set of tools, intelligently designed for reliable testing.

Leak testing with air

For reliable leak test results with air, all lines must be sealed tightly. Tested according to DIN EN 1610, Vetter test sealing bags adapt easily to all surfaces, smoothly compensating for irregularities.

The challenge:

  • Reliable sealing of openings into the piping to be examined
  • High internal pipe pressure
Leak testing with water

For leak testing with water, the versatile pipe and test sealing bags from Vetter satisfy all requirements for use in a wide range of scenarios, including reliable sealing of drainage pipes, precise draining and diversion, and sealing tests according to DIN EN 1610.

The challenge:

  • Different connector sizes required
  • Preventing wastewater backflow

Pipe repair

When the operational safety of pipes is endangered by root penetration, corrosion or leaky connections, they need to be repaired to avoid more costly damage such as surface collapse.

The challenge:

  • Different pipe diameters
  • Ensuring water drainage during repair work
  • Misalignments inside pipes

With Vetter's lateral, short and flexible packers, you have fast and flexible repair aids at hand for all pipe diameters.

Industrial maintenance

When maintenance is performed on machinery or pipelines in factories, any piping connected to them must be sealed off securely to ensure the safety of employees and protection for sensitive structural parts.

The challenge:

  • Inaccessible structural components
  • Extreme conditions affecting the test sealing bags due to chemicals used in the factories
Separator testing

Testing oil and gas separators places high demands on the flexibility and bend accomodation of sealing bags. With their short form factor, the mini pipe sealing bags satisfy these requirements without exception according to DIN 1999 T 100 and are easy to handle.

The challenge:

  • Irregularities in pipes
  • High counterpressure